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Our Story

Posted 5 years ago by admin

Play Corner was founded by parents for other parents and their kids.   We started our journey with video.  As we watched our toddler’s intuitive use of touch-screen devices, and the tremendous learning curve in his language development from watching educational videos on YouTube, we knew that there was something to this.  However, typical user-generated content video sites (and their mobile apps) are not made for kids.  The content is not necessarily appropriate for little ears and eyes, and the design is not made for this age group, who, barring the occasional genius, is not yet able to read or type.  That’s where we come in:  we want to make video consumption a much easier, safer, and educational activity on a mobile device.

Our app, PlayCorner TV, is available on the App Store – for iPad and iPhone – check it out and see for yourself!

We’re also now expanding our app portfolio to embrace learning different subjects such as music and other classroom topics.  Our new initiatives are under development, but sign up for our mailing list if you’d like to keep up to date.



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