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What Bloggers Say

“I absolutely LOVE this app and what it provides for my kids.  It is a relief to me that I can send my kids to a place to “browse” for videos where I feel confident that they will never see or hear anything harmful or inappropriate.  I love the kid-friendly format that makes it easy for ALL of my children to scroll through and find the video whey want to watch. ” iPhone Mom

“The PlayCorner TV app does exactly what it claims to do – it provides a safe environment for a child to watch and explore safe YouTube videos.  It is especially useful for those times when, as a mom, you just need a little bit of time to get something done.” WellConnectedMom

“Priced at just under two dollars this app is a steal. Parents can rest assured they are getting a great deal when they see all the videos children can view for such a small amount of money. Not only that, but they will also be blown away with the amount of educational content as well.”  Best Apps For Kids

“You can see the thought and effort that went into the app and the assistance from early childhood experts is evident.” AppyMall

“Play Corner TV is a great app for keeping our children safe as they learn to navigate the digital world.” Fun Educational Apps

What Parents Say

“Let me just say my 3.5 year old son loves this app. He is currently obsessed with Thomas so he migrated straight to that picture. He has a blast every time. Its well worth the price”   Robin, Emeryville, CA (mom of 3 1/2 yr-old boy)

“Well designed with a toddler/preschooler in mind” Sivakumar, Oakland, CA (dad of 3 1/2 yr old boy and  1 1/2 yr old girl)

What Kids Say

“I like this because it has a lot of the characters I don’t see on PBS and there are videos about science!”  7-yr-old big brother to a 3 1/2 yr old boy, Miami, FL


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