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A New Look at Lullabies

Posted 4 years ago by admin

We all know a couple of lullabies; our go-to rhythmic cadences help sooth our little ones to sleep.  However, sometimes our voices don’t cut it.  Folks on the PlayCorner TV team have admitted to using YouTube on more than one occasion to find a nice version of “Hush Little Baby,” when our own voices were not on par with our babies’ expectations.

Singing quality aside, lullabies, while sweet, can sometimes get a bit dull.  At least for us, the adults. While we tolerate these lullabies night-in and night-out because there is very little we wouldn’t do for our children, is it too much to ask for a more interesting lullaby routine?

Cue Rockabye Baby! They take classic songs, from Bjork to Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin to Green Day, and turn them into lullabies. Using what sounds like the xylophone as a lead instrument with accents of bells and light percussion, Rockabye Baby makes lullabies for the 21st century parent.

What’s even better is that you can find a lot of their songs on YouTube. We love this kind of YouTube use: it’s good for baby, it’s good for you. Not to mention that the songs don’t get stale – you have a ton of choices. Just cue up a good playlist, and rockabye your baby to sleep. Let “Little Boy Blue,” be a “Hush, Little Baby” “All Through the Night,” and play some classic Beatles tunes in a not-so-classic way.

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